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Hi, we’re Human. We’re the brand experience design group that uses feelings and emotions as a guide for creating meaningful, memorable, human-focused brand experiences.

Our approach is both entirely new and as old as mankind itself

That emotions shape our experiences is an immutable aspect of the human condition, and yet in our technology-obsessed world the long-term benefits that are the result of emotionally connecting with people are overlooked in favour of the fickle gains to be had through digital connectivity.

Human treats the brand experience as the “soft tissue” that connects your employees to your customers, and uses the feelings and emotions inherent in your brand as the design palette for creating signature, moment-by-moment interactions that manifest meaningful and sustainable uniqueness.

Building better brands, moment by moment

Our approach to creating humanized brand experiences is the same whether we’re engaged on a specific project or a more robust, end-to-end brand experience design evolution. The only difference is the scope of the initial assessment and the duration of our involvement.

We Observe

We dive deep in order to understand your brand experience through the eyes of your customers and employees, and provide you with all of the insights you need to start moving in the right direction.

We Imagine

Harnessing the creativity, intelligence and intuition of our team and your employees, we invent and envision new ways for your brand to connect with people using the prescribed emotions as our benchmarks.

We Make

Whether it’s a digital, paper, video or environmental design solution, our group has the expertise, experience and professional network necessary to produce virtually anything we recommend.

We Measure

Regardless of whether we’ve worked on a specific project or a full-scale brand experience evolution, we always conduct periodic assessments to ensure that the solutions provided remain relevant.

How we humanize your brand

Humanized Brand Strategy

We apply our proven discovery process to unearth the brand facets critical to fostering human-to-human connections, such as purpose, promise and brand-born emotions.

Employee Brand Experience

We seamlessly connect your people’s performance to the brand experience by igniting creativity and inviting contribution.

Customer Brand Experience

Our approach to designing your customer brand experience focuses on the moment by moment interactions that connect to determine how customers feel about your brand.

For brands, there’s never been a better time to be human

Mean more

Putting people first has a positive effect on virtually every aspect of your business and your brand.

Increase Employee Engagement

Align culture and contribution to the customer experience

Inspire Customer Loyalty

Provide a unique, consistent and delightful experience

Maximize Advertising Expenditures

Make the most of every new customer engagement

Harmonize Internal Processes

Unite behaviours around the delivery of the branded customer experience



Nick Hall

Human Brand Strategy


Simon Hall

Brand Experience


Christine Reymer

Customer Experience


Christopher Betlejemski

Technology Experience


Justin Biderman

Project Manager/Designer


Michael Leavens



Adam Leon

User Experience Consultant


Dr Romola Porchuck, PhD

Employee Experience/Culture Consultant


Allison Graham

Sales Experience Consultant

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