Human Brand Experience Group

Your customer experience should be your competitive edge

Real success isn’t just about attracting more customers, it’s about keeping them.

Kickstart CX provides a quick and effective way for companies like yours to identify - and fix - issues with their customer experience journey. It gets your employees focused on putting the customer first by showing them exactly what the customer’s journey looks like - and how they can contribute to making it better.

Kickstart CX turns your employees into brand ambassadors, maximizes your advertising efforts and creates referrals.

What is Kickstart CX?

Kickstart CX is part consultation and part workshop that results in a remarkable tool that your team can use to strategically improve your customer experience over time. You’ll see where the trouble areas are, understand where you’re performing well, and have a solid baseline for measuring the effects of improvements.

How do I know if I need Kickstart CX?

  1. You’re spending more on digital marketing but not getting ahead
  2. You’re losing existing customers, or new ones don’t return
  3. You know something is hurting your service quality, but can’t put your finger on it
  4. Your customer satisfaction survey results are poor

Kickstart will help you to:

  1. Assess the customer’s experience through their eyes
  2. Identify performance gaps and opportunities
  3. Get your people focused on the customer
  4. Help generate ideas to strengthen customer relationships
  5. Build understanding amongst leaders and teams

Contact us to learn how Human Brand Experience Group’s Customer Service Kickstart can build your customer experience and competitive advantage.