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A newly described brand to inspire and unite employees, enrich the dealer experience and reassert competitive advantage.

Brand positioning strategy, creative development, dealer/distributor survey, dealer experience journey mapping and experience design, print and advertising collateral development, web design, product design

The Lifebreath brand had become diluted over time. Aggressive new growth targets and a real need to rekindle the spirit of innovation that is part of their dna called for a rebrand to sharpen the promise made to customers as well as the design of the experience. Wholesaler relationships were crucial to success, so experience design efforts focused on enriching their experience first.

Nick Hall

Nick on brand

Lifebreath needed to sharpen their proposition and we were able to do that. More meaningful messaging, an updated identity and a new brand promise for their people to get behind kick started this rebrand bigtime.

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Simon Hall

Simon on experience

Surveys and one-on-one interviews focused on wholesalers, and the resulting feedback really came to life when overlaid on the mapped wholesaler experience. As a result of our efforts, Lifebreath has a clear guide for the step-by-step evolution of their brand experience that transcends silos and puts the client first.

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