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A reinvigorated brand, a refocused message and a reinvented admissions experience.

Brand positioning strategy, creative development, web design/build, print collateral, advertising and digital marketing creative/production/implementation, customer experience mapping, branded customer experience design

The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology was suffering from a type of identity crisis that can be quite common for long standing, established brands. This lack of focus, combined with a growing number of low cost, online educational alternatives entering the marketplace was making the admissions process difficult at best. In short, the promise OIART was making to potential students was not aligned with the exceptional educational experience they deliver.

Nick Hall

Nick on brand

OIART needed to get back to focusing on their core value differentiator, which was life long career placement. Once that was settled, it was a matter of recreating everything to convey a renewed sense of energy and confidence. The initial brand strategy plowed the ground for that work, and served as a playbook for redesigning the rather protracted admissions experience as well.

Simon Hall

Simon on experience

Reinventing the admissions experience was critical to rebranding success. By mapping the experience we were able to identify the high and low points, and reduce the back and forth between the school and the client by over 30% - while making the whole process more effective, customer-focused and brand-centric.

The value created by Human has been significant, in that it reenergized and refocused our entire organization. Understanding how our brand essence manifests itself both through the message and the experience has empowered and enlightened all of our staff, and in doing so made the brand more contemporary and unique.

Lee While Operations Manager