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Old Oak

A newly humanized brand that inspires employees to provide their customers with a meaningful and unique living experience.

Customer brand survey, employee brand survey, brand experience journey mapping and design, observational research, employee brand experience presentations and workshops

Old Oak was looking for ways to increase customer retention and reinvigorate employee performance and engagement. With a significant (but not unlimited) online marketing budget and client acquisition costs increasing year over year, it was time to look at increasing not just conversion advertising rates but tenant retention as well.

Nick Hall

Nick on brand

Old Oak was one of the first companies to see the potential in our take on branded CX design, and were excited to apply it to their tenant experience. Their branding was pretty solid to begin with and only needed a little work to make it ready for experience design activation. My favourite part was the keynote presentations I gave to all 85 employees that were designed to create context and inspiration for the exciting work that lay ahead.

Simon Hall

Simon on experience

Brand survey work with tenants and employees gave us a pretty clear picture of what aspects of the experience needed attention first. I also did some observational research because it shows you things that surveys and interviews can’t. We combined all of this with an extensive tenant brand experience journey map and a comprehensive report that is serving as a playbook for the incremental improvement of the Old Oak experience.

Working with Human has allowed us to see what the Old Oak brand experience can really be. The process has enlightened our employees and created substantial goodwill from our tenants, and we are excited to have a clear path for steady, continuous improvement that will make the brand experience richer and more meaningful for all involved.

Melissa Caron, RPA CMP Director, Real Estate Management & Leasing