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Closing The Gap Healthcare

A newly described brand to inspire employees, enrich the customer experience and reassert competitive advantage

Brand positioning strategy, employee survey, employee onboarding journey mapping and branded experience design, brand promise development, creative development for print collateral and online branding/advertising

The Closing the Gap brand had become unfocused in large part due to an aggressive acquisition strategy that spanned several years.

Our brand discovery process led us back to the very roots of the organization, allowing us the opportunity to recapture that spirit and reconnected with the present-day.

The work - which included writing a new brand promise - focused on helping them redefine the gap internally and externally and eliminated the need to change their identity or tagline.

The promise: mindfulness in the moments we share, and unity in the pursuit of improvement.

Nick Hall

Nick on brand

Being able to reconnect the people and the brand with the very roots of the company was really powerful. We were able to hardwire the new brand promise to the existing tagline as well, which meant CTG could allocate more funds to the delivery of the brand experience rather than having to reinvent everything from scratch.

Simon Hall

Simon on experience

Initial survey work with both employees and clients identified areas of misalignment that would need to be addressed if the branding was to really come to life. Since one of the challenges facing many healthcare companies is the attraction and retention of good employees, we mapped the employee experience with key staff and some new hires. The insights and issues identified in this exercise led to over a dozen recommendations that are being implemented internally.

I was very pleased with the work done on CTG’s brand positioning in that it provided messaging that could be related to by a broad target audience. Being an organization largely run and staffed by health professionals we often view our offering in very clinical terms by way of the services we provide and we pride ourselves on the quality of these services. Human allowed us to view this from another perspective, that being more outcomes focussed for the recipient of our services – our clients. This view also resonates with our front line providers who feel they are adding value to their clients’ lives.

Leighton McDonald President & Chief Executive Officer Closing the Gap Healthcare