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A newly described brand to inspire employees and recruitment efforts, and a brand-focused experience to reassert competitive advantage.

Brand positioning strategy, creative development, print collateral design/production, customer survey and interviews, brand experience mapping, branded customer experience design, web design/development, signage

CMI is one of the fastest growing scrap metal recyclers in North America, and they make no bones about being a bona fide disruptor. The challenge for them was that their branding was not living up the challenge.

Saying you’re a disruptor is one thing, but being one is another, and what drew CMI to us originally was our ability to bring the brand promise to life through the customer experience.

Nick Hall

Nick on brand

I was happy that we were able to quickly get to the heart of the matter for them, and delighted that they had the moxy to go with the tagline and positioning they did. Great things happen when the client lets you do your thing.

Simon Hall

Simon on experience

The new positioning lends itself to experience design beautifully. There’s room for everyone in the company to contribute, and their natural state as an innovator - combined with a client first culture - are the perfect startpoint for our work.

Human was able to capture the true spirit of the CMI brand and turn it into exciting creative ideas that are going to be a real game changer for us. Employees and customers alike think the new branding reflects us perfectly, and we’re excited about working more with them to really bring our brand to life through the customer experience.

Gary Kaplan Founder, Combined Metals Industries