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A newly described brand to drive client acquisition, enrich competitive advantage and inspire the experience

Brand strategy, creative development, web design and writing, positioning statement

The sheer number of business consultants vying for attention these days makes standing out a real struggle. Doholis-Lambert had a unique approach to problem solving for businesses and they had the track record to prove its success. What they didn’t have was a clear and compelling way to talk about it.

Numerous attempts to create messaging that would resonate with entrepreneurs/founders resulted in a hodgepodge of marketing materials that went some of the way towards describing their uniqueness, but collectively fell well short of communicating their real uniqueness and value.

While competitors typically approach any situation with a pre-packaged set of solutions, Doholis-Lambert instead made the diagnosis part of their process. After learning all we could about their philosophy, methodology and the value it truly delivered to their clients, we came up with a positioning approach that only they could own, and a list of creative and tactical recommendations to help them get there.

Nick Hall

Nick on brand

This proves once again that there is always opportunity to do something great if you have an adventurous client and take the time to really understand them. The question the brand asks is the one that their true prospect asks themselves as they stare at the ceiling at 3 in the morning, and while solutions will come and go, the relevance of this brand position will never expire.

Simon Hall

Simon on experience

With their positioning focused around a question rather than a specific answer, we were able to make several recommendations for the restructuring of the sales conversation. This new approach also opened to the door to some innovative considerations in terms of how to best engage a new client.

I’ve known Nick and Simon for many years and have always been impressed with the quality of their work; their unique creativity and care they take to understand what your business is, what it stands for, and why that matters to the market. When we wanted to rebrand our company, we knew we wanted to tap into their brilliance. We were not disappointed.

Paul Lambert Partner/Founder