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A newly humanized brand embracing its origin story to define product value, provide a firm footing for organic growth and enrich the customer’s experience

Origin Story Discovery, Brand Positioning Strategy, Creative Development, Tagline, Design, Consulting

As an early entry into the keto food market Ketolibriyum enjoyed open waters and significant success. Today they are faced with a growing list of competitors ranging from national brands to independent opportunists, making the need to move from a ‘first and only’ position to something more sustainable and meaningful.

Interviews with the founder, Gloria Palcich, revealed a wonderful origin story that was not being leveraged to any real effect. We found a way to meaningfully reconnect the brand with the founder, and in doing so paved the way for an authentic and sustainable position in the market. Moving forwards, Ketolibriyum has a pretty clear roadmap for systematically enriching their marketing, packaging and the retail/delivery customer experience as well.

Nick Hall

Nick on brand

Reconnecting brands to their origins is what we do best at Human, which is why we don’t work with start-ups. With Ketolibriyum it was clear that what was missing was the ‘maker’s mark’, and infusing the brand experience and marketing with the owners original intent will carve out a unique and highly valuable position for this brand that will serve them for many years to come.

Simon Hall

Simon on experience

The big opportunity for Ketolibriyum was in making them mean much more than just a meal, and demonstrating how the brand’s experience could begin long before a food item hit the shelves, and long after the meal left the customer’s table. We were able to provide recommendations for incrementally improving all primary touchpoints, from online to in-person.