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A refocused brand to drive new client acquisition, describe competitive advantage and enrich the experience

Brand Positioning Strategy, Employee Survey, Client Interviews, Creative Development, Tagline, Web Design and Writing, Brand Experience Consulting

Failure to effectively communicate their key differentiator had Ontario SEO sparing with two very different types of competitors, and often for clients that were less than an ideal fit. On one hand were the integrated agencies that offered SEO and digital marketing as a complement to their other services, and on the other were exclusively digital agencies that provided a list of a la carte online services.

By combining discovery with surveys, interviews and a competitive analysis we realized that Ontario SEO is a hybrid agency that offers the strategic vision and accountability of an integrated agency with the tactical depth and expertise of a digital service provider. All that was left to do was create branding materials that would clearly and consistently communicate the value in their approach to potential clients.

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Nick Hall

Nick on brand

Key to our success here was really getting into the heads of their ideal customer. Pairing those client values with Ontario SEO’s core strengths ended up being a match made in heaven, and allowed us to go well beyond the standard menu listing of services and put some real meat on the bones. They were always a unique animal, and now their branding makes this perfectly clear.

Simon Hall

Simon on experience

Any time you can shift a client’s thinking and help them see who and what they truly are, opportunities to do things differently come to light. Their web site and presentation deck are now tuned to this new self awareness, and internally they’re able to inspire and engage their people by showing them how their contributions make a real difference.

The work Human did for us marked a real turning point in terms of how we understand ourselves, our true value and our positioning in the market. We’ve never been more clear on who we are and what makes us different, and this focus has energized everyone on our team.

Kim Atkinson Director, Co Founder