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Silver Group Purchasing

A shared purpose to inspire deeper connections with vendors, provide a more meaningful customer experience and reassert competitive advantage.

Brand positioning strategy, purpose statement creation, customer and vendor surveys, observational research, client/vendor brand experience design, interactive sales tool, web development, brand book

Already on a positive trajectory due to our previous branding counsel, Silver Group Purchasing knew that in order to realize aggressive sales targets they needed to reassert their position as the seniors purchasing experts. The brand foundation and promise were solid, however it was clear that sustainable success would mean creating a solution that surpasses the abilities of marketing and communications alone, and thinking of the brand as an experience rather than just a product or service unveiled exciting “white space” opportunities that were previously invisible.

Nick Hall

Nick on brand

Even though it was not a very big program, I think this is a really nice example of brand positioning. By leveraging a clearly described purpose statement, we were able to unite the entire brand ecosystem (vendors, homeowners and SGP) and redefine their offer by focusing less on what they do and more on why they do it.

Simon Hall

Simon on experience

Using the brand’s ecosystem as the blueprint for the enrichment of the experience, we were able to define a feedback loop that became a key demonstration of the power and utility of the network, with Silver Group Purchasing serving as the fulcrum between vendors and homes.

Through our work with Human, we were able to connect our people, our partners and our clients with a common purpose which has helped everyone understand how meaningful their contribution is to the lives of residents.

This newly humanized brand message is helping us to expand our member and vendor bases within the national seniors care market.

Jason Horne, RSE, CNM Senior Director