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Here you’ll find our musings on branding and customer experience topics as well as links to great articles and books written by other thought leaders in the branding and customer experience field.

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The Emotional Foundation of Every Customer Experience

This is a great blog explaining why emotions are such a critical component of customer journey mapping.

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Top 5 Customer Experience Skills for Frontline Staff

How well-trained are your frontline staff? With all the talk about C-level buy-in for branded customer experience programs, it's important not to forget who interacts with your customers the most. This is a great article about what skill sets you need to empower your frontline brand advocates with.

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Entire Films Captured in One Image

Jason Shulman captures the entire duration of a movie in a single image with his series Photographs of Films.

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Earthworms and Airlines

An earthworm’s digestive system is essentially a tube that runs straight from its mouth to the rear of the body. It doesn’t so much eat anything as displace it, and as long as there is sufficient material in front to provide locomotion, everything works just fine.

Cover image for “Small Data by Martin Lindstrom. A little book with Big Impact”

Small Data by Martin Lindstrom. A little book with Big Impact

If you haven't already read Small Data by Martin Lindstrom, I highly recommend you do.

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Lamenting quality

Let me start off by saying I have never really been fond of the word quality. I rarely let clients use it to describe any aspect of their business without defining it further because it is too easy to say and too vague to work with. I treat the words value, trust and integrity with the same contempt.

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I loved you, Mrs Morrison

Throughout the course of my life as a student in the sausage factory we call public education, I estimate that I had - give or take - 100 or so teachers.

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This evolution will be humanized

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Here's to the unsung heroes of the customer experience

I first met Janet at the gas station around the corner from my house.

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Happy is not enough

Ask most business owners how it is they hope they’re making their customers feel and they’ll probably say “happy”.