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Here you’ll find our musings on branding and customer experience topics as well as links to great articles and books written by other thought leaders in the branding and customer experience field.

Cover image for “Nick Hall interviewed by CBC”

Nick Hall interviewed by CBC

Nick Hall, our Director of brand Strategy, was interviewed by Kate Dubinski, a journalist for CBC, for an article on MEC.

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Customer Service Inspiration

Nick Hall, from Human, talks customer service in a Globe and Mail article.

Cover image for “Brand is all about Experience”

Brand is all about Experience

Customers define brand through experience and experience is overwhelmingly influenced through interactions.

Cover image for “Is Employee Experience the new Customer Experience?”

Is Employee Experience the new Customer Experience?

Really interesting article on designing the employee experience. "Deloitte's "2017 Global Human Capital Trends" report, only 22% of the executives surveyed reported that their companies were excellent at building a unique employee experience."

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Nick talks about 'Moments of Truth'

Cover image for “Christine Reymer Receives CCXP Certification”

Christine Reymer Receives CCXP Certification

Human Brand Experience Consultants is proud to announce that Christine Reymer is now a recognized CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional).

Cover image for “Customer Experience: The Immutable You”

Customer Experience: The Immutable You

If you don't stand for something, you don't stand for anything. Nick Hall from Human Brand Experience Consultants discusses the power of the immutable you.

Cover image for “2018 Customer Experience Trends”

2018 Customer Experience Trends

Bruce Temkin, a thought leader in the CX industry, has named 2018 the year of Humanity.

Cover image for “B2B Companies Are Falling Behind in Customer Experience”

B2B Companies Are Falling Behind in Customer Experience

Great article on how B2B companies are falling behind in Customer Experience and what they need to do to catch up.

Cover image for “The Peak-End Rule”

The Peak-End Rule

Nick Hall from Human Brand Experience Consultants discusses the peak -end rule of Customer Experience Design.


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